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A short narrative puzzle game development!

Unroll the newspaper and reveal the 7 gamedev enigmas through allegorical figures.
A unique escape game with 1-bit retro graphics for the playdate only!

Game duration: 50-90min
Replayability: same game...but you'll have a better understanding of the gamedev condition and you can have some fun watching your friends struggling with the enigmas.
Credits: Ludovic Bas Game Design, Writing, Code, Animations, Music, Marie-Bérénice Forsans Arts
Languages : English, Français
Release date: December 2023 on Itch and March 2024 on Catalog ✨.

In-game animated image of Dr. Mindmelter subjugating game developers to conformity

Unravel the gamedev mysteries

In-game example of a clue in The Scrolling Enigma

Unlock clues each time you reach the end of the newspaper

A closer look at a gamedev revelation, exploring the motivation of game developers in The Scrolling Enigma

Solve the enigmas and get the gamedev revelations

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